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Please can the audience know you and what you do?  
I am Ify Stephanie Ifebueme: A Chartered Accountant by Profession; wife to a wonderful man, biological mother of 3 lovely kids and spiritual mother to many amazing children. (I am a Minister of the gospel, a Deaconess in my church; Christ Embassy a.k.a Believers Loveworld Incorp, where my husband is a pastor.) 

How & When did you discover your gift / purpose?
I discovered my purpose when I gave my life to Christ and that was when I came in contact with Christ Embassy. I grew up knowing myself to be a shy and quiet kid, who was normally just in the background, even though I had all the attributes and abilities needed for the top. But when I discovered that I was born for a reason, I was born to make an impact and born to give lives a meaning and a purpose for living, I never looked back and I will also like to state that, I discovered my purpose in the place of service, very important to note this; when you humble yourself and serve, you discover yourself and discover innate gifts and opportunities you never knew existed. Service brings promotion, so people must learn to help others, in helping other and in serving, you are promoted.

As a woman what are you set goals?
I've learnt from my Pastor; Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome that success is not about acquiring things for yourself, but imparting lives around you. It is imparting the world with the investments of your personality. 
A woman is more than Mrs A or Mrs B, she is more than just Mr A's wife or Mr B's wife. In other words, every woman must understand that she has something in her that the world needs (everyone actually; man or woman) and we all must unleash that special thing about us to bless the world.
My set goals are quite a lot and is in different categories- ministry,  personal, family, career, etc.. However I am all about imparting lives and helping to build others up. To make consistent progress and continually improve on myself because you can only give what you have on the inside.
What are the challenges you faced as a woman to get to where you are?
Challenges? To be honest nothing extraordinary. Challenges are bound to come at different times of our lives and there's nothing really wrong with facing challenges. What is wrong is allowing the challenges determine the course of our lives negatively; allowing the challenges stop you from achieving is the problem. So the challenges I have faced have made me stronger and better and have strengthened my faith and resolve to do more!

What do you think drives bad decision? 
Unnecessary competition, looking around instead of doing what you have been called to do, following the crowd instead of following the instruction of God to you personally; envy, strife, bitterness, misplaced priorities and identity crisis. 
We must learn that there is enough room at the top for everyone and everyone has her own lane and path. In your own path, there's all you need for a successful life but the moment one steps out of her path, she becomes suspectiple to danger. ' Women compete with your past not with one another.' Be inspired by others. Celebrate another person's success, be challenged positively to do more but it must not bring up negative emotions within us. These things lead to wrong decisions.

How can women / girls pay attention to their vision? Focus! 
In a world where lots of things crave for our attention and with all we have to do as women- home, relationships, career, business, we must learn to maintain our focus and drive. Stay motivated. Prayer helps to keep us driven and inspired in order to actually take steps towards achieving that vision. 
It's one thing to have a vision, it's another thing to have the drive and inspiration to actually go ahead and get it done. Again service! That thing you desire, celebrate it in someone who is already achieving it and go and help out, volunteer if you can, in doing so you open up yourself to learn, to grow and you sow seeds for your own vision by connecting to that one achieving it. 
Also do something everyday towards that dream no matter how little.

If you were not into what you do now, what else would you have done? 
Probably a medical doctor or a teacher. I am actually a teacher so to speak. I taught nearly all my adult life as my mum owns a group of schools so I was exposed to the training and courses so I am actually still a teacher 😊

What is your take on women / girls who spend so much money on material things? Well, it's their money isn't it? 
No one should have a say about how people spend their money except God really.
What is wrong is when it becomes materialism or again as a result of competition or jut to show off or they are spending money that is not theirs. 
Again, life is not just about today! There's a life to be lived. Money invested will be more beneficial than money spent. So investments are key. And then investments in eternal things are far better than things that pass away.

 One wake-up call to a woman / girl out there, what would it be?
Girl wake up! There's so much in you that this world needs. You were not born to just pass through life without making an impact. There's only one of you in this world. So be the best of you! If you faced a challenge in the past! Don't let it define you! Don't give that challenge a right over another second of your life! Rise above it and be the best of you! 

Finally, can you tell us more about what you do e.g. any community project or things you do in your or other communities to impact lives and how we can support your great cause:
We organize several programmes for different categories of people in our community- "Step Up" to inspire young people and celebrate young people making a difference;  
"Lady of Purpose Conference"  for ladies and several community groups for men, teenagers, women and youth. We are currently preparing for our 2016 edition of Lady of Purpose holding on Saturday May 14th and we are calling all on ladies to be part of this event. They will be inspired in an atmosphere of limitless possibilities as we come together as ladies in unity. Wow! When ladies gather in unity, great things happen. Also, we will be having an exhibition for ladies in business, rendering services or running charities on the day. This is to support local organisations and also to stir up others who have such visions letting them know they can do it. So ladies register today, just click the link!!  

 Registration is free but required:

Please state your motto / inspirational statement."  
Love! Love!! Love!!! Love always wins; No matter what, with love in your heart, you'll win.

W.I.F.E Media Statement of ENCOURAGEMENT!!!  
Thank you for your time and we say WELL DONE, We Celebrate You…

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Susie Romans & her family!!
 ( The 28 years -old that quit her job to start a business that brings in over £10,000 a month — and she works only 4 hours a day).

As one of four siblings in the Chicago area, Susie Romans was always looking for a way to make a buck.
"Growing up in a lower-income family, if I ever wanted anything, it was up to me to make it happen," she says. "I realized around age 10 or 11 my parents didn't have extra money."
Romans' parents were Polish immigrants holding working-class jobs, her father in a factory and her mother first as a cleaning lady, then as a daycare worker.
But Romans, who began offering classic kid-size services like dog-walking (50 cents) and pulling weeds (25 cents) along with more elaborate projects like backyard carnivals (10 cents a ticket), "realized I could create money out of nothing if I had an idea I could get out there."
She put her entrepreneurial drive on hold to attend college at the request of her parents, who were determined their daughter would get her degree. Then she continued to follow the traditional career path by taking a job selling telecommunications services to small businesses.
When she moved on to a position in marketing and social media, she realized it was "another experience of creating money out of thin air," she says. "I knew if you called enough people and talked to enough people, you could create money and opportunity out of nothing."
When her daughter was born in 2012, Romans took on a side gig in the form of a lifestyle blog, sharing her life, relationship, and experiences in early motherhood with readers. "I had these days where I'd have like 50,000 hits and crazy traffic, and I'd call my husband at work and be like, 'Something’s working,'" she recalls.
When her son was born two years later, Romans realized it was time to reevaluate. "I was like, here I am with two kids, a corporate career, a blog that's blowing up — something's gotta give, I'm going to go nuts here!" she says. "I had all this experience, and this blog that was getting traffic, and I didn't know what to do with it. I didn't have a business model."
For years, she had been managing social-media sites for small, local businesses on a retainer of about $350 a month, and thanks to her connections in the business community and her corporate expertise in sales and marketing, she figured she should be able to sign some clients on her own as a consultant should she leave her corporate job.
Romans remembers friends and coworkers thinking she was delusional to quit a good, steady job. "I had it made," she says. "They were paying me well, I could work from home, and I was getting bonuses, but there was something greater. I love inspiring people and helping others, and I knew I was meant for something bigger." 
Susie Romans lives in the Chicago area with her husband, who is an engineer, and two young children. 
Plus, she felt her $50,000-a-year job wasn't keeping up with her life. "It was a very midrange position, and I was young," she says. "I moved fast in my life in every area. I felt like I needed more than that for my lifestyle, for childcare, for a house. I had this whole family and aspirations of doing things on a bigger scale."
In late spring 2014, she pulled the plug on her day job. "I just thought, I know I'm capable of doing more," Romans remembers. "I think this girl can make more money on her own than under this company. I'm a risk-taker — I didn't have a savings plan, I had the mortgage, but I thought I should be able to bring in about $3,000, $4,000 a month on my own."
She based that number on figures she had gleaned from other coaches and consultants who shared their numbers. "I realized people were paid more for the consulting than the implementation," she says. "I'm thinking, 'I can actually do all this stuff, but actually consultants get paid more.'"
She started by ramping down her lifestyle blog and buying her domain name, SusieRomans.com. She bundled some of her insights into $500 packages, branding herself as an online-marketing expert based on the results from the blog she had run for years. She started promoting to local business owners and seizing opportunities anywhere she could, taking speaking engagements everywhere from libraries to the Chamber of Commerce.
"In 90 days, I had a $10,000 month," she says. "That was when everyone around me — my family thought I was a lunatic, doing this with two babies — that's when everyone's eyebrows raised. I've been doing $15,000, $20,000 months ever since."
Today, 28-year-old Romans charges $1,400 for one-on-one coaching and $5,500 for four months. When she realized some prospective clients couldn't afford coaching sessions, she began offering large-scale e-courses like Sweet Freedom Academy for $975, as well as smaller courses to tackle smaller subjects that kept coming up in conversations with her clients, such as how to get past the fear of failure ($100), and website traffic and visibility ($500). She now takes on only four to five individual clients a month and works 20 hours a week at most.
While she likes the idea of following your passion, she explains that to start your own business in consulting or coaching, passion isn't enough. "Really highly skilled people and people with a high level of expertise can charge premium rates," she says.
"Master your skill," she advises. "Get good at something, because you need something to bring to the table."  (Courtesy of Susie Romans) 
Fear not thus says the Lord; for all my fellow young ladies, go all out and pour all your ideas out and walk without fear and Hey! let no one talk you out or down, might seem stupid but stay Focused and three things you need for success, ' K-NOWLEDGE: Find out and do some research on you product, brand and learn more, S-TRATEGIES: Don't start looking for who to employ or business managers, find a stakeholder (s), so one to support and sponsor you, don't ask for money, ask for investment and ensure at present  that the person is financially more able, E-XECUTION: don't wait any longer, immerse, join something great, volunteer and Carry out the idea.' !#IQuote- Pst Chris Ohyakilome!!!

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                                           Maureen Mbondiah
       "Womanhood Global is ready to inject that dose of inspiration motivation equipping you for a triumphant 2016."                                          

Please can the audience know you and what you do?   
My name is Maureen Mbondiah Mandipaza, I am a Fashion Business owner (Moskloset ), Entrepreneur,  Magazine Owner/Editor (Womanhood Global Magazine), a motivational speaker, mentor, mother  and  a wife.  

How / when did you discover your gift / purpose?  
I discovered my purpose, not gift for as long as I have been an adult but, unfortunately I have only started walking in this purpose just over 3 years now. It took me prayers and determination to unapologetically start walking in my purpose.  

As a woman, what are your set goals?  
My goals are to achieve God's given purpose for my life. To live a legacy for my children of determination, drive, excellency and motivation. 

What are the challenges you faced as a woman to get to where you are?  
I continually face challenges everyday and every step of the way I actually do not believe challenges will end as long as you are walking in your purpose. 
What do you think drives bad decisions?  
I sincerely think that bad decisions are driven by bad association, counsel and lack of wisdom and discernment. As a business woman one needs to have discernment, wisdom and good counsel to make good decisions.

How can women / girls pay attention to their vision?  
Women need to set their mind to pursue thier vision and then work at it daily. Its a constant  move daily and bit by bit you come closer to your vision.

If you were not into what you do now, what else would you have done?  
Mmmmmm i guess for me i have to do something Im passionate about to give my best. 

what is your take on women / girls spending so much money on material things?  
I don't think material things necessarily bring joy or happiness. I personally believe material things are over rated if you ask me. i think you can enjoy life and still look good without necessarily spending a fortune. However this is not to say I do not occasionally spend money on good things I desire. 

Finally, One wake up call to a woman / girl out there, what would it be?   
My advise is to find yourself through the word of God - live your life ,touch lives ,inspire others and when you look back you will not be disappointed.  
Start your new year with a new focus, new motivation, new energy and new connections. It’s time to tap into different networks associates and to read something new."

Thank you for your time; we say WELL DONE, you are one woman touching lives and doing great EXPLOITS!!! YOU ARE A WOMAN WITH FOCUS.  

Please readers, to find out more about today's Lady of honour:

Purchase your copy NOW!!! £3.00 per copy plus pp or subscribe with £18.00 for the year; pay via paypal to:  womanhoodglobal@gmail.com

Upcoming 2016 Events: 

26 March 2016- (Business Networking Brunch ( Property Investment). For more info / ticket visit: 

27 August 2016 - (Fundraising Gala Dinner & Recognition Awards). For more info visit: 
She added: 'I'm so excited for 2016!!

Friday, 4 March 2016


"Galatians 6:10- So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and ESPECIALLY to those who are of the household of the faith (who belong to the family of believers)   

They say we all are the same in the eyes of God; thats half truth! However, Christian promoters, events and Churches should stop exalting the worldly singers and treat the gospel singers as a commoner, be it upcoming or popular. Churches should start celebrating the word of God that is being delivered through music and giving upper hand to the Music Ministers, because before they attend your event, they spend time praying, and preparing, just to bless lives, they might be looking great and all but going through challenges; and just maybe they attend your event and you have two types of singers, the worldly and the gospel; its like merging darkness and light but hey that's not my problem because as a Pastor or a Church, you must know that our God is a jealous God. If you say their souls are your target, then you need to win them and ensure they have given their lives to Christ. But, what surprises me is the fact that Christians would rather celebrate the coming of a popular celebrity whose not born again than a gospel artist, huh? I wonder what we are turning into, if you are inviting for example; Mr 'K' to your program whose not christian, you will probably pay him, book hotel and flight, even print his pictures in various media sites, blogs, posters etc, but you don't see Mr 'R' whose a gospel singer fit to get that kind of special treatment or even take care of his feeding and transportation; I boldly say this, you are practicing "Hypocrisy". Sorry I mean, how could we watch our own suffer? (They Minister and you should in turn learn to sow into their lives, by ministering to them). If you notice the muslims; in job employment, they will offer a position to their own, even if you have a better qualification and you are more suitable for the job, they will offer the job to their muslim brother and train him in that field.

"Matthew 6:21-24- For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. The light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and serve the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."  

My point is, be a helper of the work, don't treat your fellow Christians as commoners and I tell you this, if I ever sang in your event, its never the same with others, because I spend time praying to touch lives, and to reach-out to someone through music and its not by my voice or looks but by the Spirit of God. Please fellow believers, start celebrating and elevating Christian talents in your events, if you are paying other artist, pay the Christian talent also, as a matter of fact, they should be the top of your list because, they carry Gods divine presence which is LIGHT to that program; you may say they are not good enough, take it upon yourself to teach, admonish and establish God's own talent and give them the platform they deserve; Beware, for some of them, that talent might just be their source of income.  

  "Proverbs 3:27- Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to  ACT."      

Please don't misunderstand me; its fine to get support, you don't have to pay anyone to sing or be a part of your vision BUT remember this; If you must pay and celebrate the most popular celebrity performing in your event, you must do the same for every and any other singer, be it upcoming… I say this  unapologetically, don't be looking down on that singer in your church, or that one that God has blessed because you want to identify more with fame and celebs; If you are a child of LIGHT celebrate LIGHT and if you must have a mixture of worldly and gospel music or talent displayed in your event, be sure to treat all men right and not highly exalt some and the rest can be at the button for all you care. THIS IS TO ADVICE THE CHURCH / BODY OF CHRIST…     

Talents: (Singers, dancers, designers, actors, models and comedians) Look Out for Your Own WORD of Knowledge!!! 

Monday, 22 February 2016

Meet one of Ghana's most Influential Lady… Well-Done for all your efforts!!!

                                             Peace Hyde Founder/CEO Aim Higher Africa

She's a true inspiration and I believe most ladies can do more for many, as you plant many seeds, you will keep the flow of harvest and the harvest shall be greater… keep up the good work girl , we celebrate you.. Your a woman With Focus!!

Visit Linda Ikeji's blog for more info and a video to read and hear about her journey. http://www.lindaikejisblog.com/

Monday, 15 February 2016


What Girls Want!!! 

Today I would like to explore the world and Mind of an imaginary young teenager called Rekia!

  Born & raised in the city of Manchester, at the age of 5 desired to be many things but during high school decided to be a doctor; after high school college opened the doors to a whole new world. As she made new friends and enjoyed the new environment but soon than we expect, she meets the wrong friends, who desired nothing more than smoking, partying and doing all sorts of things that is tagged as "the teenage years". Soon after lost interest in education and meets a boy and desires to have a baby as a teenager and nothing else meant a thing but to be with a man, party, get drunk and have babies.

This is not just a written piece; it is a story to drive a question, 'WHAT GIRLS WANT', can anyone tell me what young ladies enjoy? what about being a doctor? all of those dreams and aspirations thrown away because of a man? is it worth it? how can you cope with being small forever? nothing to be proud of? no legacy to prove you earned it all? why end up with a man of lesser dreams?

If you were a man, would you go for a woman that is nothing to be proud of, one that abandoned her self values or would look out for the one with a great and bright future, one with a clearer vision?

Today I would like to start a movement to help understand young ladies and inspire them to desire bigger and better, Lets see how far this can get US!!!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Trending for me is meeting needs, everything / every little helps... 

 The beautiful daughter of President Buhari, Zahra recently signed as an ambassador for a charity organization in Nigeria called ACE. A charity that focuses on Education and Training, Economic Empowerment & Affordable Healthcare; This is a great move and congrats to Zahra Buhari..
Change is here indeed!!

"You go girl" 

We are also talking about women, mothers, daughters & sisters...

The Wife of Kebbi State Gov, Dr Zainab Bagudu; who distributed some clothes to orphans in Birnin Kebbi during the weekend. Giving is one of the greatest act of Love and nothing like reaching out to the needy / less privilege.
                                          "we celebrate with the kids and yes we love you"
Thanks to our all time favorite Blogger Linda Ikeji, well done and thanks for sharing!!!
    'Info & photo credit goes to one and only Linda Ikeji'. lindaikeji.blogspot.com