Monday, 15 February 2016


What Girls Want!!! 

Today I would like to explore the world and Mind of an imaginary young teenager called Rekia!

  Born & raised in the city of Manchester, at the age of 5 desired to be many things but during high school decided to be a doctor; after high school college opened the doors to a whole new world. As she made new friends and enjoyed the new environment but soon than we expect, she meets the wrong friends, who desired nothing more than smoking, partying and doing all sorts of things that is tagged as "the teenage years". Soon after lost interest in education and meets a boy and desires to have a baby as a teenager and nothing else meant a thing but to be with a man, party, get drunk and have babies.

This is not just a written piece; it is a story to drive a question, 'WHAT GIRLS WANT', can anyone tell me what young ladies enjoy? what about being a doctor? all of those dreams and aspirations thrown away because of a man? is it worth it? how can you cope with being small forever? nothing to be proud of? no legacy to prove you earned it all? why end up with a man of lesser dreams?

If you were a man, would you go for a woman that is nothing to be proud of, one that abandoned her self values or would look out for the one with a great and bright future, one with a clearer vision?

Today I would like to start a movement to help understand young ladies and inspire them to desire bigger and better, Lets see how far this can get US!!!


  1. I would definitely like to have a lady who is well aware of who she is, because there could be a fall back "mid life crisis" if a lady hasn't understood her value. It's better to guide and encourage one with a purpose and self understanding.

  2. this is an interesting article and ladies need to be sure!!