Monday, 7 March 2016


                                           Maureen Mbondiah
       "Womanhood Global is ready to inject that dose of inspiration motivation equipping you for a triumphant 2016."                                          

Please can the audience know you and what you do?   
My name is Maureen Mbondiah Mandipaza, I am a Fashion Business owner (Moskloset ), Entrepreneur,  Magazine Owner/Editor (Womanhood Global Magazine), a motivational speaker, mentor, mother  and  a wife.  

How / when did you discover your gift / purpose?  
I discovered my purpose, not gift for as long as I have been an adult but, unfortunately I have only started walking in this purpose just over 3 years now. It took me prayers and determination to unapologetically start walking in my purpose.  

As a woman, what are your set goals?  
My goals are to achieve God's given purpose for my life. To live a legacy for my children of determination, drive, excellency and motivation. 

What are the challenges you faced as a woman to get to where you are?  
I continually face challenges everyday and every step of the way I actually do not believe challenges will end as long as you are walking in your purpose. 
What do you think drives bad decisions?  
I sincerely think that bad decisions are driven by bad association, counsel and lack of wisdom and discernment. As a business woman one needs to have discernment, wisdom and good counsel to make good decisions.

How can women / girls pay attention to their vision?  
Women need to set their mind to pursue thier vision and then work at it daily. Its a constant  move daily and bit by bit you come closer to your vision.

If you were not into what you do now, what else would you have done?  
Mmmmmm i guess for me i have to do something Im passionate about to give my best. 

what is your take on women / girls spending so much money on material things?  
I don't think material things necessarily bring joy or happiness. I personally believe material things are over rated if you ask me. i think you can enjoy life and still look good without necessarily spending a fortune. However this is not to say I do not occasionally spend money on good things I desire. 

Finally, One wake up call to a woman / girl out there, what would it be?   
My advise is to find yourself through the word of God - live your life ,touch lives ,inspire others and when you look back you will not be disappointed.  
Start your new year with a new focus, new motivation, new energy and new connections. It’s time to tap into different networks associates and to read something new."

Thank you for your time; we say WELL DONE, you are one woman touching lives and doing great EXPLOITS!!! YOU ARE A WOMAN WITH FOCUS.  

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She added: 'I'm so excited for 2016!!


  1. Am inspired!! don't know her but i can feel the sincerity and will also purchase my copy of womanhood mag!! W.I.F.E Media, do i get a discount for commenting first :D

    1. Which discount? W.I.F.E Media please where is she from, i am interested in the property investment, i want to make more!