Thursday, 6 August 2015

Welcome to our first post for the day.. 

 today we share the past & present!!! 

We started small and today we are growing in grace. leading to this great achievement, our very first job was at a community kubwa Abuja where we worked and eradicated poverty and hunger, also gave support for a building project which is now being completed.
Firstly I want to Thank God Almighty for this wonderful achievement and also thank our man of God Pastor, Dr Chris Oyakhilome Phd, JP for always teaching us to join hands and change our world and feeding us with the word of God to make us what it talks about. Secondly I'd like to say a big thank to all the great women who gave and also joined to make this day a success. I am very happy to be of great help to the future leaders community, providing comfortable and adequate environment both at home and mostly at school, because education is indeed KEY!!!
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I am my team are working hard as we are led by the Holy Spirit to do these works, we visit some of Africa's poorest communities and give their lives meaning, as we re-create their world we also teach them the word of God to help keep them and give them Hope for a better future and that is why we tag this project " Building Future leaders" because you build one child, one family or small community, you Change a nation.
 The completion of a successful project and the celebration of Future Leaders in Africa...


  1. Making a great difference in our world... glory to God